Feng Shui Workshop x The Bodhi Lab

Feng Shui Workshop x The Bodhi Lab


Feng Shui Workshop with The Bodhi Lab

May 12th, Building 6, Dubai Design District

Whether you are seeking a home revamp, or want to increase productivity at your corporate office, or you're looking for ways to help your hotel tenants have the most restful sleep of their lives, The Bodhi Lab can provide you with a comprehensive Feng Shui audit to help you achieve your goal. These audits can also help you in your quest to improve your health, increase the wealth, and strengthen your relationships.

Feng Shui provides solutions to improve your wellbeing by connecting with the flow of the one universal energy, Qi, in your home. This practice is anchored in the ancient Taoist wisdom that we are interconnected with all that surrounds us, and that we can only thrive when aligned with the Qi of the universe.

For this practice, we will focus on creating harmony with your surrounding environment. A Feng Shui audit will provide you with a guide that you can follow to live a balanced life in your current physical environment.

But please remember that having negative aspects in your home’s Feng Shui doesn’t necessarily mean that it will impact you negatively. It only means that you can be prepared for what could happen in your life as a result. It’s like grabbing a warm sweater before rushing to the office because today’s weather forecast predicted a cold front!

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