Collaborating with the latest in creative brands from across the region; from making your own beauty concoctions (so 2017) to screen-printing – ROAR brings you a programme of creative workshops to inspire, delight and engage.

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Feng Shui with The Bodhi Lab  

12pm - 1:30pm, Friday May 12th, Building 6, Dubai Design District


Whether you are seeking a home revamp, or want to increase productivity at your corporate office, or you're looking for ways to help your hotel tenants have the most restful sleep of their lives, The Bodhi Lab can provide you with a comprehensive Feng Shui audit to help you achieve your goal. These audits can also help you in your quest to improve your health, increase the wealth, and strengthen your relationships.

Feng Shui provides solutions to improve your wellbeing by connecting with the flow of the one universal energy, Qi, in your home. This practice is anchored in the ancient Taoist wisdom that we are interconnected with all that surrounds us, and that we can only thrive when aligned with the Qi of the universe.

For this practice, we will focus on creating harmony with your surrounding environment. A Feng Shui audit will provide you with a guide that you can follow to live a balanced life in your current physical environment.

But please remember that having negative aspects in your home’s Feng Shui doesn’t necessarily mean that it will impact you negatively. It only means that you can be prepared for what could happen in your life as a result. It’s like grabbing a warm sweater before rushing to the office because today’s weather forecast predicted a cold front!

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Masterclass in Fashion Drawing With Deborah Henning

May 6th, 11:15AM



Fashion Designer Deborah Henning gives a masterclass in fashion drawing – No prior experience necessary. Learn to draw fashion illustrations in 2 hours! Get the knowledge on how to illustrate your ideas for a fashion business or simply to try out your own designs. This fun workshop will leave you inspired and feeling creative! 

AED 75 only

How To Boost Your Social Media Presence

Friday April 28 at 12pm

Elizabeth Wentling Natalie Lines Slate Agency

Natalie Lines and Elizabeth Wentling will teach a range of social media techniques to help you grow your audience and network through various social media platforms.

 This workshop will help you:

  • Step up your creative content
  • Grow your following
  • Reach your target audience
  • Storytelling through copywriting
  • Increase your network  

Elizabeth Wentling and Natalie Lines are both Dubai-based lifestyle bloggers and co-founders of Slate, a social media agency specializing in creative consulting and content.

Moss & MyrtleWorkshop

12pm Saturday, April 21st

Urban Plants & Floral Arrangement: A Workshop 

Brighten Up Your Home & Build Your Own Terrarium!

For 75 AED ($20.50) per person

  • Standard size glassware
  • Gravel
  • Soil

*Special glassware, and additional props will be available to glamourize your terrarium!

Raw Cooking Workshop

12pm noon, April 14th 

For 75 AED ($20.50) /per person

  • Easy ways to prepare raw dishes such as slaws and salads.
  • A few creative plating techniques.
  • Ways to ensure beautiful food photography
  • How to create a more balanced diet by focusing on fresh produce.